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Sport Massage

sport massages sol i lluna valencia
Sports massage is a mixture of techniques, which allow to improve performance of the athlete, in addition to preventing injuries and accelerating —>Read More

Anti-Cellulite and Toning Massage

Anti Cellulite and Toning Massage sol i lluna valencia
The objectives of the massage are to heat the fatty tissue and favor its reabsorption by the lymphatic system. The treatment is completed with a —>Read More

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue massages sol i lluna valencia
The movements made are slow but it presents a deep pressure. In this technique the therapist uses both elbows, as hands or forearms to deepen the —>Read More

Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology massages sol i lluna valencia
Foot Reflexology is a therapeutic technique, of oriental origin, consisting of the stimulation of some points on the feet, which reflect an organ —>Read More

Hot Stone Massage

(Geothermal Therapy)
Hot Stone Massage Geothermal Therapy sol i lluna valencia
This therapy combines traditional therapeutic massage with application on the skin of stones at different temperatures and of different sizes, to —>Read More

Couple Massage

couple massage in valencia by sol i lluna
Or massage for two, is a different way to enjoy A few moments together in a different and healthy way. Everyone can choose the specialty you —>Read More