Relaxing, Sports and Therapeutic Massages in Valencia

In the massages you can use essential oils, Volcanic Stones or Bamboo Cane with Almond, Coconut or Rice Oils ... depending on the skin and the type of massage.


Relaxing massage

Relaxing massages in sol i lluna valencia
In the relaxing massage the movements are smooth, harmonic and without abruptness, even when working contractures or painful areas. Relieves —>Read More

Pre and Post Natal Massage

Pre and post natal massages in sol i lluna valencia
Prenatal Massages are recommended from the 3rd month of gestation: it improves blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, promotes skin elasticity —>Read More

Californian Massage

californian massages in sol i lluna valencia
The Californian massage appeared in the early 70's in California. In this massage the thumbs will be mixed with elbows and forearms in long —>Read More

Ayurvedic massage

ayurveda massages in sol i lluna valencia
In Ayurvedic Massage essential oils and hot oil are used in quantity abundant, to allow better sliding of the hands on the various chakras. It is —>Read More

Natural Therapies

Sport Massage

sport massages sol i lluna valencia
Sports massage is a mixture of techniques, which allow to improve performance of the athlete, in addition to preventing injuries and accelerating —>Read More

Anti-Cellulite and Toning Massage

Anti Cellulite and Toning Massage sol i lluna valencia
The objectives of the massage are to heat the fatty tissue and favor its reabsorption by the lymphatic system. The treatment is completed with a —>Read More

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue massages sol i lluna valencia
The movements made are slow but it presents a deep pressure. In this technique the therapist uses both elbows, as hands or forearms to deepen the —>Read More

Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology massages sol i lluna valencia
Foot Reflexology is a therapeutic technique, of oriental origin, consisting of the stimulation of some points on the feet, which reflect an organ —>Read More

Hot Stone Massage

(Geothermal Therapy)
Hot Stone Massage Geothermal Therapy sol i lluna valencia
This therapy combines traditional therapeutic massage with application on the skin of stones at different temperatures and of different sizes, to —>Read More

Couple Massage

couple massage in valencia by sol i lluna
Or massage for two, is a different way to enjoy A few moments together in a different and healthy way. Everyone can choose the specialty you —>Read More